Everything But the Haggadah: Three Passover Takeout Options

With Easter reliable falling on a Sunday for the past, oh, 2000 years or so, gentiles have it easy when it comes to holiday dinners. Us Hebrews, not so much.

A full weekend to cook would be nice, but Passover can seem like a moving target, and this year it hits on a Monday. So instead of rushing home from work to chip away at a frozen block of matzo ball soup and reheating a Costco chicken, may we suggest three takeout options?

The Manishewitz-drinking traditionalist will appreciate the offerings from Miller's East Coast Delicatessen . Think classics: brisket with gravy, roast chicken, gefilte fish. A bit more out of the ordinary (at least for Bay Area Jewish food) are Miller's sweet and sour cabbage rolls and sweet matzo kugel.

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