Ex-Little Skillet Chef Launching Wings Place in Lower Haight

An admission: SOMA's Little Skillet hasn't been the same since a year ago, when chef and opening manager Christian Ciscle walked away from the Ritch Street window. Ciscle resurfaced at Café Divis, then disappeared again. Take heart, Ciscle fans: He's coming back in a big way.

Ciscle tells SFoodie he's signed a lease for 422 Haight Street ― the place with the roll-down door where Roland's Bagels briefly ruled ― and plans to open a chicken wing spot named Wing Wings. Not fried wings (though Ciscle was chicken-and-waffle frontman at Little Skillet), just wings, served up with a wide variety of sauce and toppings. Also lots of specials, sides, fresh-cut fries, and desserts ― no frills, he tells us. It'll be mostly carry-out, with only limited seating, and late-night hours.

And it turns out Ciscle will be just around the corner from the place where he and a buddy opened Big Sherm's Fresh Sandwiches back in 1997. “I am very excited to be back in my hood, and doing my own thing,” Ciscle says. Expect an opening a few months from now.

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