Exploding Pig Farms, Trader Joe's Veg Eats, and Vegan Ryan Gosling!

• It's Vegan Ryan Gosling! Pull your pants back up — he's not actually vegan. It's just one in the sea of Gosling memes. Ryan Gosling is totally the house that Tumblr built. Anyway, this particular meme is pretty funny and you get to look at shirtless photos of Gosling, so since I have a Tumblr, I'm all for it!

• There's a new board on Pinterest (IT'S HERE TO STAY) about all the vegan foods at Trader Joe's! Learn it, live it, love it, add delicious shit to it, eat a lot, die fat and happy, be cremated and hope your ashes grow into something that's used in a Trader Joe's product. THE CYCLE IS COMPLETE.

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