Father's Day At O Izakaya Lounge

It's time to honor the old man: Father's Day is this Sunday, June 15, and as always, there are plenty of restaurants in town offering special menus, promotions, and deals geared at delighting papa. But since San Francisco is all about adventurous eating — especially in the Asian cuisine realm — maybe something a little different from the usual burgers and beers, or Sunday brunch, is in order this year. The fabulous, baseball crazy O Izakaya Lounge in Japantown's Hotel Kabuki (1625 Post at Laguna) has a tantalizing and quite generous proposition: a complimentary pitcher of beer (dad's choice) or a carafe of Sho Chiku Bai Sake; a yakimono platter (grilled skewers), also gratis, with a choice of pork belly, tsukune, beef loin, duck heart, omochi, and honeycomb tripe; and last but certainly not least, pop can have the satisfaction of knowing that even outside the living room he gets to control the TV remote: he has free range in choosing which baseball game is playing on the large screen TV.

— Brian Bernbaum

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