Fatted Calf's Plinywurst: Pastured Pork Plus Pliny the Elder Double IPA

In this food-forward haven of ours, sometimes we need to take a step back from dolled up offal and go back to where the whole “lips, snouts, and asses” thing started: the hot dog. Of course, tube steaks have progressed tremendously from the days when they were little more than otherwise discarded entrails cased in sheep intestines, to high-end affairs composed of top-quality meats.

One thing that remains constant is their perfect pairings with beer, as showcased last week at the CUESA Beer and Sausage Fest, and a weekend Chronicle story with tips on pairing. While beer in sausages isn't exactly new, Taylor Boetticher from Fatted Calf has the perfect solution for those who like their links with good beer ― Plinywurst, links made with craft beer. It features Russian River's Pliny the Elder, a double IPA just voted the best beer in America two years running by the American Homebrewers Association magazine, Zymurgy. Boetticher says Plinywurst are made with pasture-raised pork and lightly smoked.

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