Cutty Bang: The Real San Francisco Treat

It's a DIY alcohol adventure with a hip-hop sensibility.

Because San Francisco’s climate is so hospitable to day-drinking — which is basically synonymous with outdoor day-drinking — it was probably inevitable that a ground-up method of affordable intoxication would develop. Sure, you can always pick up a 12-pack of Tecate on your way to the park, but a few liquor stores around town have a better way of helping you inebriate: the Cutty Bang.

A Cutty Bang is a chilled plastic bag that contains an airplane bottle or two of booze, a mixer, and a cup of ice with a straw. Popularized by Bay Area rappers Taydatay, Big MAC, and KNT, a Cutty Bang is — strictly speaking — Tanqueray gin, Seagram’s gin, Bacardi Limon, and juice. But the name has come to refer to the entire category of quasi-illicit party-packs with a hip-hop sensibility sold at a few select bodegas, including combinations like Earthquake City, Steph Curr-Tea, and Minor 49er.

Portola’s Bus Stop Liquors (2698 San Bruno Ave.) has a “Magic Liquor Locker,” an entire refrigerator case devoted to various Cutty Bangs, along with a laminated list of 46 of them on a clipboard. (Follow them on Instagram at @buststopliquorsf.) For $10 to $15, you can pretty much have your choice of anything, with an emphasis on rum and Alize as base spirits, and mixers ranging from Minute Maid to Ocean Spray to Dole pineapple juice to V8 Splash. There are proper highballs like Jameson-and-ginger, too.

Take it around the corner, mix everything together, pop the straw in, and no one’s the wiser. “Cutty” is slang for “shady,” but after stealthily downing one of these, you’re going to feel made in the shade.


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