February 2011 Openings and Closures

Last month saw more transitions than a Bath Crashers marathon, as restaurants closed ― uh, temporarily ― to spruce up, reconcept, or otherwise dramatically cut payroll during the slowest month of the year, in the hope of opening up again when we're all in the mood to leave the house.


Campanula: 701 Union (at Powell)

Caña on Lake Merritt: 530 Lake Park (at Rand) Oakland

Homeroom: 400 40th St. (at Shafter), Oakland

Palmyra: 700 Haight (at Pierce)

Plate Shop: 39 Caledonia (at Johnson), Sausalito

Sneaky's BBQ at Rebel: 1760 Market (at Octavia)

Additional openings

The Galley at Clooney's Irish Pub: 1401 Valencia (at 25th St.)

Hyde Away Blues BBQ: 457 Hyde (at O'Farrell)

My Ivy: 1901 Divisadero (at Pine)

Papi's Fusion Deli: 2348 Mission (at 19th St.)

Sol Food La Bodega: 903 Lincoln (at Third St.), San Rafael

Southie: 6311 College (at 63rd St.), Oakland

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