Field Roast Vegan Frankfurters on the Menu at Giants Games This Season!

As we reported in Week In Vegan this morning, Field Roast vegan frankfurters will now be available at Giants games in AT&T Park this season! Vegansaurus broke the news yesterday.

Anyway, I can attest: These are super legit! They smell so good in that spicy-hotdog way! They aren't just flavorless vehicles for condiments, they are delicious in their own right. We're still waiting to hear if the buns will be vegan. Non-vegan buns are the bain of my existence. They cause so much awkwardness! Nice people go out of their way to accommodate you with vegan burgers and dogs, but then they always forget about the buns. You never know though, plenty of commercial buns are accidentally vegan so maybe this won't be a problem. 

Even if it is though, these dogs are good! You can eat them on their own. Have a vegan frankfurter, get a vegan beer, and you've got yourself the well-balanced meal of America's favorite pastime!

Here's the full announcement from Field Roast:

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