Five Turkey Dishes the Pilgrims Would've Freaked Over

Nothing against the culture that brought us pie and the Bill of Rights, but roast turkey has to be among the most boring foods anyone ever engineered a holiday around. Fortunately we live in San Francisco, where subverting the dominant paradigm is almost mandatory. Like body art.

While the rest of the nation is stressing over whether high-heat or low-heat roasting yields a bird with slightly less cottony meat, we're dreaming of some of our favorite local (mostly multiculti) turkey dishes, not one of which comes with gravy. Unless by “gravy,” you mean mole. Which, now that we mention it, is our idea of the perfect gravy.

5. Nopalito (306 Broderick at Oak): Albondigas al chilmole — Yucatecan turkey meatballs in charred chile mole, spiked with cumin and epazote

4. Frankie's Bohemian Café (1862 Divisadero at Bush): Iron Turkey Burger — A slab of ground turkey mixed with spinach, seared on the flattop, and slathered with either melty blue or feta

3. The Sentinel (37 New Montgomery at Market): Spicy turkey meat loaf sandwich — Sexed up with za-atar, tahini, and sambal oelek

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