Flour & Water Chef Goes to Baker & Banker To Make Foam

Baker & Banker has been hosting monthly chef pop-up dinners. Normally popups are for chefs from other cities, pastry chefs who want to cook an entire dinner, or chefs between jobs.

The guest chef last night was an unusual choice: Thomas McNaughton of Flour & Water. McNaughton is certainly one of San Francisco's hottest young chefs, but he has his own jam-packed restaurant a couple of miles away. So we wondered: why not just cook whatever it is he wanted to cook there?

We went to the dinner to find out, and got an immediate reminder of McNaughton's popularity. The woman sitting next to us was a self-described groupie of “Chef Tom,” and had driven in from Pleasanton. She says she regularly sets her Blackberry for midnight so she can wake up to make reservations at Flour & Water for exactly two months and one day later.

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