Food Forward Celebrates Real Food Heroes Across the Country

The modern food landscape is more confusing than ever. Words like “organic,” “sustainable,” and “all-natural” have been so diluted from overuse and vague definition as to become meaningless. Worse, some communities have little or no access to fresh produce of any kind, irrespective of the virtuousness of its provenance. Should we even be eating what's at the end of the American fork?

Okay, enough with the doom and gloom. There are plenty of folks fighting the good fight — punching through the barriers of the industrialized food machine and bringing fresh, real food to American plates.

Enter Food Forward, an aspirational new television series whose pilot aired last night at the Goldman Theater in Berkeley's David Brower Center. After a mix and mingle featuring hors d'oeuvres using ingredients sourced by Half Moon Bay's Local FATT (Food Awareness Through Teaching) and eco-conscious tipples from Parducci Wine Cellars and Lagunitas Brewing Company, writer Stett Holbrook and producer Greg Roden spoke of their desire to bring stories of true food heroes to the small screen.

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