Food Truck Bite of the Week: Flying Southern for the Winter

Our weekly bite explores the city's food trucks, one at a time, highlighting our favorite mobile dishes and snacks.

The Truck: Southern Sandwich Co.

The Cuisine: West Texas and Carolina road food

Specialty Items: Brisket, pulled pork

Worth the Wait in Line? On a rainy day lunchtime, it was a total 7 minutes from the end of the line to food in hand.

The first time I went to Southern Sandwich, along with a pulled pork sandwich ($8), I was given a lesson in what you get when you're in too big a hurry. Ignoring the huge “Don't forget the sauce” sign by the pick up window, I failed to dress the meat with one of the three sauces (Mesquite Texas BBQ, Eastern Carolina Vinegar, or Cayenne Honey Mustard) that had been set out. I thought the sandwich was ok, with plenty of meat with good flavor, but I had that haunting feeling that something wasn't quite right, like accidentally wearing a t-shirt backwards. What a difference a little sauce makes.

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