Food Truck Bite of the Week: I Sushi, You Sushi, We All Sushi

Our weekly bite explores the city's food trucks, one at a time, highlighting our favorite mobile dishes and snacks.

The Truck: We Sushi

The Cuisine: Japanese-California rolls and bowls

Specialty Items: Deep-fried rolls and chirashi sushi rice bowls

Worth the Wait in Line? On an overcast day, it was a total 10 minutes from the end of the line to food in hand.

The very nature of sushi, and the consumption of raw fish, inspires some inherent mistrust in certain situations. Discounted late night sushi at a 7-11? Probably not a great idea. While your risk-adverse brain (it is just doing its job) may categorize sushi off a food truck at a similar risk level, We Sushi surprised us with the freshness of the fish, portions, and value.

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