Food Truck Bite of the Week: The Wise Bowl and the Fool

Our weekly bite explores the city's food trucks, one at a time, highlighting our favorite mobile dishes and snacks.

The Truck: Hapa Ramen and Wise Sons Deli

The Cuisine: Food Truck Mash-up

Specialty Items: Seasonally influenced ramen (Hapa Ramen) and Jewish deli classics (Wise Sons Deli)

Worth the Wait in Line? At peak lunch time, a total 27 minutes from the end of the line to food in hand.

There is something oddly alluring about combining two different dishes into one. Before you roll your eyes too far back, hear me out. What about the turducken? The churpumple? Whether it's simply a mad dream to find a combination that multiplies the flavors into an outrageously delicious combo (without going too far into Flavortown), or because I simply spend too much time thinking about food, I had a plan.

One day while waiting my food at the Hapa Ramen stand, I looked over at their neighbor, Wise Sons and wondered, “Why aren't they doing a crossover dish that combines ramen noodles with fresh pastrami?” Intrigued by the idea, I set off to create my own dish that combined the power of both and I would call it the Wise Bowl.

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