Forget the Feast: Where to Find Thanksgiving Between Two Slices of Sourdough

There's so much to love about Thanksgiving; eating yourself into a food coma, autumn spiced everything, extended family drama, the Detroit Lions. But we can all agree that the single greatest thing of all is the leftover sandwich. Heaping mounds of whatever's left in the refrigerator thrown together with reckless abandon in between two flimsy planks of starch. Of course that requires having cooked all of those dishes to begin with. If you want to fast forward straight to the happy ending, head on over to Pluto's for its holiday-themed Mayflower sandwich.

[jump] There's several important things to note about the Mayflower. For one, Pluto's is audacious enough to offer it up year round. And you might not even see it mentioned on the menu, making it the greatest 'secret' selection since In-n-Out created 'Animal Style.' But rest assured, this gutbusting conglomeration of poultry and relevant sides is just as accessible in April as it is hours after Turkey Day. Secondly, you have to admire the exceptional value of this sandwich. You're getting a hearty serving of white meat turkey, pumpkin puree, classic bread stuffing, cranberry sauce, garlic mayo and sage gravy crammed within two pieces of sourdough. What amounts to an entire plate of Thanksgiving for $7.25.

Pluto's has two locations in the city, one in the Inner Richmond, and another in the Marina. When they're not busy packaging holiday flavors into sandwich form, they also excel at a number of celestially-inspired sides. Their oversized Orbital Onion Rings and creamy Martian Mac n' Cheese are both appropriate accompaniments to the Mayflower. For bonus points, dip the rings or the sandwich into a small puddle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale mustard, just because beer makes everything better. 

The unapologetically American-styled eateries are open until 10 p.m., seven days a week. Folks that placed orders in advance will even be able to pick up on Thursday — including full-fledged meals and party-sized platters. But Thanksgiving cravings can strike any time throughout the year and chances are you're not going to feel like preparing a homemade feast when they do. Although Pluto's own celestial status remains murky, it's making this planet a better place, one Mayflower at a time. And for that we should all be giving thanks. 

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