Four Barrel Coffee's “Brewing Better Coffee at Home” Classes

Where: Four Barrel Roasters, 375 Valencia (at 15th St.)
When: Monday, December 19, January 9, and January 23, all at 6 p.m.
Cost: $25
The rundown: Confused about those con-fangled new contraptions the bearded kids in

your apartment building are pouring coffee into? Tired of the gritty

murk you're producing from your cherished French press? Interested in the options available to you without grinding your $27

single-origin coffee beans into dreck?

Four Barrel Coffee and coffee genius Matthew P. Williams want to help you make better coffee. He'll guide participants not just in making French press coffee, but making it delicious every time. The course covers the spectrum of drip coffee brewers — Chemex, Clever dripper, Hario v60, and the Aeropress — as well universal tips that go in to making home coffee shine like a polished doorknob. Williams will also clear away the vagueness of what “overextraction” and “underextraction” mean and discuss simple steps (scales! timers!) that can mitigate brewing disasters.  

The course fee includes an hour and forty-five minutes of

instruction, plus a sampling of the beans used during the class and a discount on the brewing devices in the shop.

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