French Laundry, Chow, and Doctors Agree: Life Takes Huevos

We can feel arteries deliciously clogging around the news of Chow owner Tony Gulisano's passionate love affair with the incredible, edible egg. We've been warned of course, but our abiding love of greasy spoon diners, Tabasco and breakfast in general has kept the yolks running freely.

And cholesterol watchers, take heart: nature's protein pack may not be as bad as all that. Seems that the egg could be getting “a far worse reputation than it deserves.” Note to my doctor: it's the blood cholesterol, stupid.

And apparently Gulisano isn't the only one under the spell. It seems that the humble egg is on a roll (buttered, with cheese and bacon preferably). While the rest of the world has been plopping them on top of everything from pizzas to hamburgers for all eternity, some upscale American eateries are lately stepping into the fray.

Even local food biggie Thomas Keller of The French Laundry has gotten in on the ovum action, with a BLT Fried-Egg-and-Cheese Sandwich recipe in Food & Wine in July. And the nerve of some people, saying The French Laundry is slipping. Sheesh.

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