For a Cheap, Good Burger, Jenny’s Tops the List

The Sunset District eatery has a satisfying and affordable patty.

I’m always on the prowl for a great burger. 

Whether I’m in a new city or in a new neighborhood in a city I know, I need a go-to spot. 

I need a true, salt of the earth kind of burger with a simple criteria: tasty, cheap, and satisfying. While recently tramping about the Sunset District, I happened to stumble upon the perfect example of such a burger.

Nestled alongside Golden Gate Park, on the corner of Lincoln Way and 9th Avenue, Jenny’s Burgers is exactly what I’m talking about. The restaurant’s dining room has a smattering of small tables and plastic red cafeteria chairs. There are about 10 different burgers on the menu, but it’s all the same stuff you’ve seen: a “Hawaiian” burger with pineapple, a “Western” burger with BBQ sauce and onion rings, etc. The classic 6-ounce cheeseburger goes for about $7, and everything else varies depending on toppings and size. I recommend sticking to the classic cheese and taking full advantage of what sets Jenny’s apart from most other traditional burgeries: the toppings bar. 

After ordering your burger head over to the assortment of shredded, chopped, and pickled vegetables. Staples like lettuce, tomato, and onion are accompanied by beets, jalapenos, and sprouts. I cannot resist throwing on a couple tiny pickled biquinho peppers. They taste like a jalapeno and a pickle wrapped up in a tiny little teardrop. 

Once your burger is topped to your satisfaction, carry your metal tray to an empty seat and prepare for lucid greatness. The burger has been charred to perfection, while still maintaining the appropriate level of glistening grease. The sesame-seed bun is blonde and lighter in color than usual, with an airy, fluffy texture. Jenny’s grilled patties maintain a plump weightiness. Come hungry.

Jenny’s is just one of those spots that simply makes a nice burger. It’s the kind of burger that feels good in your hand and doesn’t go down in four bites. Take your time, enjoy yourself, and then maybe go for a walk around the park, otherwise you’re doomed for an afternoon nap.

Jenny’s Burger, 1233 9th Ave.

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