Go Eat This Now: Bread N’ Chu

There’s a new craze in town: beautiful, bulky, perfectly symmetrical Japanese milk bread sandwiches. Everywhere I turn I see thick white bread cubes stuffed with jerk chicken, tonkatsu, or Spam. They’re fluffy and incredibly Instagrammable, but this weekend I found one that takes the fad just a little further. Not only is it gorgeous to look at, but it also happens to be delicious.

Bread N’ Chu is a new lunch spot in the Outer Richmond District that uses crustless milk bread that looks like massive square cucumber sandwiches from your grandmother’s afternoon tea party. They have everything from chicken katsu and grilled unagi to curry croquette and pork belly, but the one that has my eyes rolling in the back of my head in ecstasy is the egg salad.

The thick, doughy sliced white bread walls in a dense layer of creamy egg salad. The lightly boiled egg whites are diced into tiny cubes and blended with the whipped, pastel yellow yolks. Kewpie mayo, a Japanese mayonnaise made with yolks and rice vinegar, is the only culprit that could meld together the whole mixture with such grace and delicateness. Sprinkled amongst the decadent mush are sprigs of dill and colorful edible flowers. The whole masterpiece looks like something you’d find in an Easter basket.

This sandwich is so incredibly simple, it’s almost hard to put into words exactly what puts it in a league of its own. The soft bread blends beautifully with the smooth eggy spread, and almost feels like eating a dessert. It’s everything I wanted an egg salad sandwich to taste like when I pulled one out of my lunchbox as a child, and after all these years, I’ve finally found it.

Bread N’ Chu has a small assortment of milk bread sandwiches on their menu, and although they all have the same adorable allure as the next, they are not cheap, ranging from about $11-$16. The egg salad sandwich on the other hand costs around $9, and is worth every penny. It’s not the easiest thing to find a good egg salad sandwich in this town, but what’s even tougher is finding one for under 10 bucks.

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