Go Eat This Now: Grem’s Good Dog

Every part of this street dog interpretation has been carefully thought through.

The West Coast is famed for its street hotdogs. From LA to San Francisco, the bacon wrapped, condiment slathered links have a reputation that precedes them. But there’s a new joint town that’s bringing a whole new kind of dog to the fight, and they’re keeping it classy.

Grem’s Good Dog is located in that weird intersection that branches towards the Mission, SOMA and Market at the corner of South Van Ness Ave and Howard street. The tiny building looks more like a free standing ATM than a restaurant. With no indoor seating, the only ways to order are through two sliding windows, a drive-thru and a walk-up.

They offer an assortment sausages and they keep it very simple. From bratwurst and polish style to chicken apple and spicy Italian, just about every dog comes with a mustard, chopped onion, arugula, and a kraut or relish. They also offer a “Beyond Meat” dog for any vegans out there who can’t resist a good weeny. My go to is the classic “Good Dog.” It’s a Coney Island style with ketchup, yellow mustard, onion, and dill relish. It tastes just like a summer afternoon in the backyard. The architecture of these hotdogs is also unique: All the toppings are layered into the bun before the meat. Wrapped like a burrito, everything is tightly packed and ready for you to eat while cruising down the block.

Grem’s buns are freshly baked every day and reminiscent of those that would house lumps of lobster salad. Sliced on the sides, buttered, and thrown on the griddle, the bread is perfectly crispy.

One more thing that makes Grem’s special is that they appeal to all those ninnies out there who can’t stomach a street dog, whether it be because of the mysterious nature of the meat or the sugary sauces. Grem’s uses quality meats from both Evergood Fine Foods here in SF and Continental Gourmet Sausage Co from down in LA and all of their condiments are free of high-fructose corn syrup. So not only are these dogs delicious, they come fully loaded with a millennial hipster stamp of approval. I’m sold. Drive on up to the second window please.

Grem’s Good Dog, 170A S Van Ness Ave, San Francisco

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