I See You Crepe-in

Treat your drunk self to a rich delight.

For some of us, there is an alternate world inhabited only by our drunk selves.

It’s a small universe that exists only on Friday and Saturday nights, where it’s always dark and late. You’re in the Tenderloin and you’ve spent the night drinking and smoking too many cigarettes. There’s something other than your drunk self in this world, though. Something delicious, savory, and sweet. It’s sweet and satisfying, enhanced by the early morning. Its dubious scent assures that it’s the only thing that will fulfill your desires. It’s a crepe.  

Crepes Ooh La La is one of those weird places that hides in plain sight on the Polk Street strip. The hours are weird, but they’re always open when you need them most: until about 2 a.m., almost every night. The high-paneled ceilings and pale yellow walls are indicative of the many inconspicuous eateries on this block. There’s little to no attention paid to decor, other than some scattered Parisian postcards taped to the walls. 

The narrow alcove has very little inside, other than a few tables and a long counter hiding chopped fruit, Nutella, cheese, and other toppings for a menu of close to 60 different crepes. It really does seem like they can whip up whatever combination your inebriated appetite can imagine. There are classic sweet options like chocolate and fresh strawberries or Nutella and banana, alongside more interesting ingredients like kiwi, pineapple, and almond. But none are better than the cheapest and simplest of them all: butter and sugar ($3.75). The smooth, melty butter lets the crepe’s stretchy batter shine, while the sugar sweetens everything up. It’s amazing how such a straightforward treat can be so elegant and satisfying, especially after hanging out at The Ha-Ra Club for a few hours. 

Ooh La La’s menu of savory crepes is vast, but not quite as enticing. They tend to be a little overstuffed and prone to falling apart. My advice is to stick to something simple and go for the egg and cheese or spinach and feta. 

Everyone loves a late-night treat. Most of the time, a greasy slice of pizza or street dog will do, but sometimes it’s nice to indulge in something different. On Monday morning, you’ll come back down to earth, but for now, let your hair down, enjoy yourself, and get a little Ooh La La.

Crepes Ooh La La

1220 Polk St.


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