WesBurger N’ More Adds Tex-Mex Breakfast

House-made flour tortillas and Hatch chilies make these weekend breakfast tacos legit.

Virtually every place in San Francisco that serves flour tortillas sources them from the inimitable La Palma Mexicatessen, the 66-year-old establishment on 24th Street that rightly has something of a lock on them.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for variety, especially when venturing out of Mexican food proper and into the realm of Tex-Mex. As of Saturday, May 25, WesBurger N’ More will roll out breakfast tacos, migas, and other staples of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex by way of a certain valley in New Mexico. After experimenting at length, chef-owner Wes Rowe came up with a vegetarian breakfast taco made with smoky, fermented Hatch chilies, and there’s a meatier version made with house-smoked brisket.

Breakfast Smash (Wes Rowe)

Because it’s a burger restaurant at heart, there’s also a Breakfast Smash that starts with a sausage patty made from ground brisket that’s then smashed on the griddle for a nice Maillard crust, then combined with a fluffy second patty consisting of egg-and-queso, plus a slice of American cheese. (It’s almost dizzying.)

WesBurger’s Nashville Hot Chicken is already well-regarded, and now in the morning there’s a chicken fried chicken sandwich made with a queso-egg patty and scallions, plus poblano gravy. If you have a hankering for Texas toast, a PB&J made from two slices with house-made jalapeño-strawberry jam and peanut butter gets deep-fried in a savory-sweet beer batter then receives the full bourbon syrup, candied bacon, and whipped cream treatment. Who’s mom would ever pack that in a brown paper bag? Someone whose mom swatted them on the behind to run and catch the school bus, that’s who.

Starting with The Den, its bar-within-a-restaurant, and later expanding throughout the entire joint, Wes Burger is already open until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. And now you can practically eat four meals a day there on the weekend.

Weekend Breakfast, at Wes Burger N’ More, Saturdays and Sundays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., 2240 Mission St., 415-745-9371 or wesburgernmore.com

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