Friday 11: Let’s Get a Puppy Cafe!

Plus Humphry Slocombe has a Golden Girls flavor, Copita's chef creates a menu based on all 52 of his cousins, and Jessie Spano's crowning achievement turns 25.

The Illustrious Corner of Sixth and Market Gets a Wine Bar

It’s called Waystone (992 Market) and it opened yesterday, with lots of sandwiches (French jambon, lamb merguez), salads (kale and arugula), and a Ploughman’s Lunch of pickled veggies, a hard-boiled egg, cheese, charcuterie, and bread. But the wine list dwarfs the food half of the menu by quite a margin, with about 35 offerings available by the glass or the bottle. Technically, it’s not on the corner — it’s between Popson’s Burgers and Equator Coffee — and it’s really on the Taylor Street side, but the vicinity of that storied intersection is definitely a little fancier now.

Do You Want a Puppy Cafe? Then Support This Indiegogo

San Francisco and Oakland each have kitty cafes, and now 7×7 reports that a New Mexico shelter has started an Indiegogo campaign to build a canine cafe here, and in several other U.S. cities. It’s a “small-scale ‘starter shelter-dog adoption center model,’ projected to find homes for 1,500-3,000 dogs each year.” That’s a lot of dogs, actually — and they need a lot of money. The goal is $500,000 and right now they’re only at a measly $260, so don’t just sit there with your heart melting.

Humphry Slocombe Has a Golden Girls Flavor

It’s chocolate cherry cheesecake (duh) and it’ll be available at both Humphry Slocombe locations — 2790 Harrison and the Ferry Building — for the entire month of December, tied in with the 2016 iteration of The Golden Girls: The Christmas Episodes drag re-enactment at the Victoria Theater. On Saturday, Dec. 4 at 4 p.m., on the lanai of the Mission ice cream parlor, you can meet all four members of the principal cast.

Guess Where in S.F. There’s a $400 Drink?

The Business Times has a slideshow of six expensive drinks in San Francisco, culminating in the $400 Centurion at a certain North Beach venue where cash gets flashed. Take a guess.

Copita Launches Ambitious, Year-Long “52 Cousins” Menu

After visiting his sizable family in Mexico City, chef Daniel Tellez of Sausalito’s Copita Tequileria y Comida (739 Bridgeway) has come up with a year-long menu that honors each one of his 52 cousins. Starting Nov. 15, there will be one special item per week, with Oscar’s tacos al pastor, Jorge’s turkey mole poblano, and Cesar’s tamal de cochinita pibil kicking off the first three weeks. Explanatory blurbs on the menu will tell you all about it. This is even more ambitious than Sufjan Stevens’ 50-state album project, which he abandoned after what, two?

Hoodline Talks Guac With Mission Taquerias

How is the avocado shortage — expected to abate in the next few months — affecting S.F. taquerias? Burrito prices have climbed at Taqueria La Cumbre and Taqueria El Buen Sabor, Hoodline reports, because crates of avocados that used to cost $40 are going for as much as $120.

Napa Winemaker Arrested for Selling Shitty Grapes as Napa Cab

The New York Times says Jeffry James Smith got busted for “a scheme to defraud his customers by misrepresenting wine and grapes as Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon, when in fact the fruit came from other parts of California and was sometimes not even cabernet grape.” Smith is apparently quite the grifter, smooth-talking people into thinking he’s above-board when in fact he already served a year in jail for stealing grapes, and causing Del Dotto Vineyards to recall millions of dollars of fraudulent product.

Whole Foods Is in Trouble…

Competition and declining sales spurred Whole Foods to fire one of its two CEOs, according to the Wall Street Journal. (Why a company would have two CEOs, I know not.) In case you’re wondering, the remaining CEO is John Mackey, the libertarian who compared Obamacare to fascism, and thinks climate change is a positive thing.

…And Trader Joe’s is a Cult

The New York Times reports that there’s a rictus of pain beneath those friendly smiles at Trader Joe’s. Crew members complain about an “atmosphere of surveillance” and say they’re “pressured to appear happy with customers and co-workers, even when that appearance is starkly at odds with what is happening at the store,” like, oh, I don’t know, being out of the peanut butter pretzels that my dog loves so much. This mandate to be cheerful at all times is a problem, because it’s perfectly legal for employees to discuss working conditions among themselves, so it’s now before the National Labor Relations Board.

Happy 25th Anniversary of Jessie Spano’s “I’m So Excited!” Breakdown

We solemnly note the occasion of this high-water mark of youth culture, the time Saved by the Bell‘s Jessie Spano got addicted to caffeine pills because she wanted to go to Stanford. Thrillist has a genuinely excellent essay contextualizing it, and having watched that 22-second clip four times in a row, I will go out on a limb and say that’s some pretty good acting, actually.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Bierdeckel

They’re the “pressed-paper mats that are slid under every beer stein or stange glass from the beer gardens of Bavaria to the hipster breweries of Berlin,” according to The New York Times. Bierdeckel are used to keep bar tabs running, to build houses of cards, and even to counter popular misconceptions about refugees.

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