Friday 12: Forage Kitchen Opens

Plus The Morris' opening date gets pushed back, Duchess opens in mid-Oct., and why S.F. will get way fewer tourists next year.

Foodie Incubator Forage Kitchen Opens Oct. 7

Iso Rabins and Matthew Johansen’s culinary co-working space Forage Kitchen (478 25th St.) will open in Uptown Oakland next week, to coincide with First Fridays on Oct. 7 from 5-9 p.m. (when it will be open to the public). As a giant kitchen with a communal office, it’ll serve as the home for organic meal-delivery company Thistle, caterers Smokin Woods BBQ, and others. On the customer-facing side of things, there will also be a cafe housing Jeff Mason of Pal’s Takeaway, plus a $60, multi-course, second-Sunday-of-the-month dinner series called Family Meal, beginning Sunday, Oct. 9 at 7 p.m.

The Morris’ Opening Date Pushed Back

Aged plumbing is a major nuisance, and Paul Einbund and Gavin Schmidt’s highly anticipated restaurant The Morris (2501 Mariposa) will not open on Oct. 3 as planned. The timing is now TBD, so you’ll have to sit tight and wait a little longer for your Improved Whiskey Cocktail.

Party With the Fleet at Heyyy Sailor

Amigo del blog Broke-Ass Stuart is a straight-identified LGBT ally, and he’s throwing a party for Fleet Week. Heyyy Sailor happens next Thursday, Oct. 6, at Lookout (3600 16th St.) with music by Go BANG!’s Steve Fabus, Joe Prince Wolfe, and Sergio Fedasz. No Blue Angels will be permitted!

Citizen’s Band and Pinkie’s Bakery Close

According to the Chronicle, the veteran SoMa diner Citizen’s Band and adjacent bakery Pinkie’s (1198 Folsom, next to the Cat Club) are largely victims of the tech boom. Neighborhood workers don’t need to eat outside their bubbles, so they don’t. Sad but not 100 percent terrible, as Pinkie’s Bernal Heights location (833 Cortland) still exists.

Duchess to Open in Oakland Mid-October

Chef Candice Caris’ upscale pub-fare restaurant Duchess (5422 College Ave., Oakland) is set to open in the middle of next month, with breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktails, and an “unpretentious” wine list. Be on the lookout for some cool-sounding stuff, like a sausage & egg “duch-muffin,” cauliflower crunch (with burrata, tempura, arugula, and lemon verbena vin), and a savory English breakfast for two on weekends.

Roka Akor Launches Introductory Sake Class

Do you find sake baffling? Mark Guillaudeu, the sommelier at the hyper-opulent Japanese steakhouse and sushi restaurant Roka Akor (801 Montgomery), will begin a 90-minute, interactive sake class for groups of nine or more in which students will sample six to eight of the 49 bottles currently on the list. It’s $60 per person, with an optional food pairing starting at $68.

Moscone Renovations Might Cause 1 Million Fewer Tourists to Visit

Because of ongoing renovations to the Moscone Center, SF Travel’s Tourism and Economic Forum predicts 1 million fewer visitors to San Francisco in 2017 than in 2016, according to the Business Times. Considering all the high-profile restaurant closures within walking distance of the convention center and major downtown hotels, I would imagine that that means a lean year ahead.

Super-Healthy Chain Sweetgreen Will Open Its First S.F. Location Oct. 11

It’s at 171 Second St. in SoMa, and all proceeds from Day One will benefit CUESA.

Mendocino’s Mushroom, Beer, and Wine Festival Is Nov. 4-13

I mean, there’s definitely one key local intoxicant missing from this, but a Mushroom, Beer, and Wine Festival sounds pretty fun since all signs point to a rainy, non-La Niña winter. From Nov 4-13, check out the mushroom-wine and -beer pairings, mushroom prix fixe dinners, group forages, and more.

Shaquille O’Neal Spotted at Costco

Hey, a man’s gotta buy his jumbo vats of ketchup somewhere. Actually, he was hawking Medea Vodka, according to Hoodline.

Portland Restricts and Expands Drive-Thru Restaurants at the Same Time

How? Why, by limiting drive-thru windows inside the central city to decrease congestion, but also requiring them to serve cyclists and pedestrians if the main entrance is closed. Streetsblog says previous proposals encountered stiff resistance from restaurant groups, but hurray for drunks walking home late at night with a serious fourth-meal craving.

Candy Cigarettes Still Exist

Thrillist does some deep digging to discover that there still exists a confectioner in the U.S. that manufactures candy cigarettes. My parents let me smoke them because I was born during the Reagan Administration and Big Candy Tobacco was still muddying the scientific waters back then. (We also played with candy guns.)

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