Friday 14: A Culinary Death Match, Hillary at Liholiho

Plus Esquire includes Whitechapel among its 18 Best Bars, and a lot of beer news to send you on your way this holiday weekend.

[jump] Clay With Your Food A Culinary Death Match in Richmond
As part of SF Design Week, chefs Kelsey Kerr of Standard Fare, Mark Liberman of AQ, and Galen Vasquez of Sons & Daughters will compete against one another on Sunday, June 5 at Jered's Pottery in Richmond, Calif. Clay With Your Food: The Triathlon will force them to cook in an 800-degree kiln, create dishware from pottery, then plate their food on a something real artsy-like designed by Jered's own Jered Nelson. Judges include occasional SFoodie contributor The Dapper Diner, who may struggle to remain dapper if it gets messy (as promised).

Ghirardelli Opens a Lagunitas Beer Garden
Ghirardelli Square's transformation into a cool spot that locals might not scoff at while giving side-eye and pantomiming the act of vomiting is really moving along. For the summer, Lagunitas and Hint Water have opened up a free beer garden at 900 North Point St. that will run from Thursdays through Sundays, noon – 7 p.m. (It will be open on Memorial Day, too.) You can picnic while drinking $7 beers like Lagunitas' Little Sumpin' Sumpin' and IPA — along with Hint's sugar-free, fruit-infused waters — and half the beer sales will go to the very worthy nonprofits SOMArts and the San Francisco Parks Alliance.

Youkilis Brothers to Open a Very Large Brewpub in Los Gatos
Scott Youkilis (of Hog & Rocks) and his brother Kevin (formerly of Major League Baseball) will open a 150-seat brewpub called Loma Brewing Company on the 7,000-square-foot site of the former Los Gatos Brewing Co., at 130 N. Santa Cruz Avenue (four blocks from The Bywater). There will be 14 beers on tap, and the project reunites Scott Youkilis with Chef Aubree Arndt, who was a line cook at Maverick until its 2013 fire.

Hillary Clinton Ate at Liholiho Yacht Club
So says Hoodline (although no one gleaned what she actually ate.) You know, people really ragged on her for the hot sauce thing but Madam Secretary, you've got good taste.

K+O Kitchen Goes Full-Time
“Permanent pop-up” K+O Kitchen (693 Third St.) is now open for lunch and dinner near AT&T Park, serving sandwiches, salads, and elevated bar food. There's a muffolata, Fully Loaded Tots (with pulled pork, pancetta arbol chile, mozzarella, and cheddar), and spicy and smoky fries with spicy aioli.

ThirstyBear Creates an SFMOMA-Inspired Beer
SFMOMA MOSAIC is ThirstyBear Brewing Co.'s newest release, is made with an American hop called Mosaic and a German Pils malt, then fermented with a Belgian Abbey yeast. You can enjoy its mango and papaya notes only at ThirstyBear's brewery at 661 Howard St. 

Smuggler's Cove and Whitechapel Among Esquire's Best Bars
Although such things give smug national-media douchebags an pretext to punch down at second-tier cities that manage to have a cool bar or two, Esquire's list of the 18 Best Bars in America includes Whitechapel. Smuggler's Cove (which is owned by the same people) is on the magazine's Hall of Fame.

Abandon the Fog and Eat a Hog
On Saturday, June 11, Grabishfarm in Dixon will host Lungomare's Craig DiFonzo and Chop Bar's Lev Delaney for a $125, whole-hog, farm-to-fork Spring Hootenanny in which guests will dine while parrying the farmers, chefs, and winemakers about their craft — outdoors, in golden hour, like a Terrence Malick film. What are the odds that it's sunny and arm in San Francisco that night? Warm, pastoral Dixon's only an hour away…

Boba Guys Opening in 8 Octavia Next Month

According to Hoodline, Boba Guys' Hayes Valley location will be inside the Stanley Saitowitz-designed building at 8 Octavia Blvd. There will be alfajores, a collaboration with Black Sands Brewery, and a matcha-horchata blend called (you guessed it) matchata. We're still waiting for True Cup, the adjacent sake bar, to open a year after it was announced.

Mid-Market Continues to Become a Foodie Destination
Inside Scoop reports that a restaurant and bar called Fermentation Lab will go in next to Sam's Diner at 1230 Market Street sometime this fall, combining beer with fermented dishes (including Korean food).

Polk Street Whole Foods 365 Tied Up in Planning

Socketsite reports that the saga of the former Lombardi's Sports and possible future Whole Foods 365 at 1600 Jackson Street has turned into a technical argument over the size of a formula retail establishment vis-a-vis any residential units above. Seems like one likely outcome is demolishing the 59,000-square-foot building altogether.

Against IBUs to Measure Bitterness in Beer
Draft Magazine has a four-point argument against International Bittering Units (IBUs), saying they can't be scientifically measured and don't really tell you about a beer's hoppiness (or even its bitterness).

Henry Heimlich, 96-Year-Old Inventor of the Heimlich Maneuver, Used it for the First Time
Via the Cincinnati Enquirer, the choking victim lived to thank him. 

“Fears Sheep May Go on ‘Psychotic Rampage’ Through Welsh Village After Eating Fly-Tipped Cannabis”
Some headlines are just too good.

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