Friday Eight: California Craft Distillery Boom Begins … NOW

Plus The Gipsy Darling debuts, a weird Mountain Dew Super Bowl ad, and what scientists are trying to grow on Mars.

California's Craft Distillery Boom Is Set to Begin
The Chronicle's Jonathan Kauffman writes that, with the passage of The Craft Distillers Act of 2015 (A.B. 1295), the state has created “a new Type-74 license, establishing a category of spirits manufacturing aimed specifically at artisanal distilleries producing less than 100,000 gallons of distillate a year. It grants them privileges such as the ability to host private events, have a restaurant on-site and serve their spirits as cocktails.” Now, everything you can do at a winery, you will able to do at a distillery. He postulates that this is going to usher in a golden age of artisanal spirit production in the Golden State, which would be tubular. 

The Gipsy Darling Debuts in the Marina
Eater caught the opening of The Gipsy Darling, a New American spot in the Marina that signed a brief, 18-month lease. Sometime between now and the fall of 2017, you can check it out for some chicken-and-waffles, beet tartar, grit fries, and more. It's beer-and-wine-only for now, and who knows, when the shorty least runs out, it just might ditch the nomadic life of caravans and fortune-telling.
The Gipsy Darling, 3347 Fillmore,

This Is Horrifying.
Mountain Dew combined the three most popular Super Bowl ad fixtures — puppies, monkeys, and babies — into #puppymonkeybaby. It's … not good.

Portraits of Women in Beer
7×7 compiled a slideshow of some of photographer Natalie Jenks' 40 portraits of women in the Bay Area who work as “cicerones, keg wranglers, brewmasters, CEOs.” It's for the Pink Boots Society, and it's not so much about promoting women in the beer world as about women in the beer world who love great beer.

Coffee News
Tablehopper reports that Steep Coffee has replaced Twofish Baking Co. at 240 Ritch St. in SoMa (and features Equator Coffee and boba tea), while Inside Scoop details how Paramo Coffee is working within The Perenial at 55 Ninth Street to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It takes 21 grams of C02 to make coffee. Hmm, where I have heard the number 21 grams before? If you go to Paramo, watch out for your soul.

A Wiener Dog in a Wiener
Cuteness overload.

Americans Will Eat 1.3 Billion Wings on Sunday
According to Buzzfeed, the good old U.S. of A. will consume over a billion chicken wings, one for every person in China, or four wings per American, or 35,206 for every citizen of Liechtenstein. The accompanying Buzzfeed pic is really gross.

Scientists Are Attempting to Grow Potatoes on Mars
NASA and the International Potato Center in Peru have teamed up to determine how nutrient-rich red russet potatoes might be cultivated someday on the Red Planet. By planting them in Chile's Atacama Desert (a little hotter than Mars, but basically as dry) and freezing them to simulate the duration of a spaceflight between planets, they're looking to do what Matt Damon did in The Martian. Fries! In! Space!

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