Friday Eight: Safeway’s Stashing the Booze

Plus Black Cat goes crazy for Halloween, The Ramen Bar has a happy hour that's about as cheap as it gets, and ruh-roh Soylent.

Why Is Safeway Locking Up the Booze

SFist looks into why liquor is suddenly under glass at most Safeways around town. It’s because of an increase in shoplifting after Prop 47 recategorized the crime from a felony to a misdemeanor, and there may in fact be a vast underground network of stolen wine in the region. Also, some news you boozehounds can use: You can’t necessarily purchase alcohol until 2 a.m. because lots of grocery stores stop selling it at midnight.

Americana Grill Is Now Eat Americana

The 20-year-old Outer Richmond Vietnamese-Italian restaurant Americana Grill has changed its name and gotten a new chef, according to Hoodline. Eat Americana (3532 Balboa) is now run by James Moisey, formerly of Rickybobby and Broken Record. The menu, which debuted last month, adds to the joint’s already unusual fare with American comfort food like pulled pork waffle fries and locally produced wine.

American Grilled Cheese Kitchen Space to Become High-End Sushi Bar Sasaki

The space at 2400 Harrison St. that used to be American Grilled Cheese Kitchen (and Cafe Gratitude before that) will now become the 12-seat sushi restaurant Sasaki. Eater reports that it’s a project from Masa Sasaki, who earned a Michelin star at Maruya, and the menu will be a ~19-course prix fixe for $200 consisting solely of fish and vegetables. Sasaki will open its doors Nov. 11.

Ramen Bar Launches a Very Affordable Happy Hour

Monday through Friday from 4-7 p.m., The Ramen Bar (101 California) will offers a happy hour menu featuring nibbles in the $1-$3 range, like black garlic chili edamame with sesame and scallion, furikake popcorn, and okonomiaki tots, along with Sake bombs and carafes. On top of that, they’ve begun brewing fruit teas like crimson berry fruit and organic spicy plum.

Black Cat Hosts a Three-Day “Glam and Gore Ball”

Tomorrow through Monday, Oct. 29-31, Black Cat (400 Eddy) will host a Glam and Gore Ball with ghoulish food like Fries With Eyes (fried anchovies with parsley and spicy mayonnaise) and a Madrid-style tripe stew made with pig’s feet, blood, and ham. For your $20 cover, there will be black magic, live jazz, and the “Gorelesque” Revue, plus a nightly costume contest, the winners of which receive a free bottle of Champagne.

Tosca Cafe Hosts’s David White for a Champagne Dinner

On Tuesday, Nov. 1, Tosca Cafe (242 Columbus) will welcome David White, the founding editor of an author of But First, Champagne, for a $225, three-course dinner paired with bubbles from Krug, Dom Perignon, and Ruinart. Tosca’s wine director, Ceri Smith, will co-host the event with Moët Hennessy Champagnes’ Cameron Christie. You get a signed copy of the book, too!

Soylent Yanks Bar and Powder from the Market

After its food bars (called “Bar“) made some people a little pukey and diarrhea-y, Soylent found that there was no contamination or pathogens in anything. They’re pulling the product — along with Powder 1.6 — vowing to get a reformulated version to market sometime in the next five months or so. (Coffiest and the flagship product, Soylent itself, appear unaffected.) They’re doing the right thing here, but the phrase “If you have used Powder 1.6 without incident, we see no reason to stop enjoying it,” does sound a little weird.

Please Compare the Fight over Tribal Water Rights in North Dakota With the Malheur Insurrectionists’ Acquittal

The same day that a bunch of armed Caucasian insurrectionists received not-guilty verdicts for their sad attempt to start a revolution by taking over a remote output in rural Oregon, North Dakota activists standing up for the sovereignty of their tribe’s claims to the land are getting treated like terrorists. As Balloon Juice put it, “Attack dogs, pepper spray, water cannons, tanks, LRADs — no defense is too excessive when it comes to oil companies’ inalienable right to despoil and plunder.”

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