Friday Nine: Corridor Opens Tuesday

Plus A16 Rockridge celebrates the Fourth of July, La Mar celebrates Peruvian holidays, and don't panic about the Fisherman's Grotto sale, cause everything's staying largely as is.

[jump] Corridor Opens Tuesday
A few months after it sister cafe threw open the doors, the Hi Neighbor Restaurant Group's Corridor (100 Van Ness) will open on Tuesday, Jun 28 for happy hour and dinner. Jason Halverson's menu draws on other Hi Neighbor restaurants, like Stones Throw and Trestle, to include dishes like squid ink conchiglie and garganelli bolognese. And happy hour is a pretty solid rebuke to those wheezy, $1 off-a-glass-of-one “specials” one sees everywhere: Every beverage on the menu will be $5, seven days a week, 3-6 p.m. Awesome!

CUESA's Picnic on the Plaza Is July 27

At the peak of summer, cocktails tend to get really, really good. CUESA and the United States Bartenders Guild are teaming up on July 27 from 5:30-8 p.m. for Picnic on the Plaza: Summer Cocktails of the Farmers Market, a party that — as is CUESA's modus operandi — brings a dozen bartenders from highly regarded drinking establishments together with lots of Bay Area-distilled spirits and a TBD list of fantastic restaurants. Tickets start at $50, and you know it's going to be fun — because it always is!

A16 Rockridge Celebrates the Fourth of July on July 1-3
While A16 Rockridge (5356 College Ave., Oakland) will close for the Fourth of July proper, it's celebrating a troubled nation's 240th birthday with special menus including a bacon hot dog pizza made with 4505 bacon hot dogs ($19), fried chicken with friarelli pepper and lemon ($22), and a berry crostata with vanilla whipped cream, almond streusel, and honey caramel ($10). The special menu will be available the first three days of July.

Techie Transformation of St. Joseph's Church Might Include a Restaurant
The beautifully decayed, Southern European-looking 1913 St. Joseph's Church (1401 Howard) in SoMa has languished since the Loma Prieta earthquake send its dwindling congregation fleeing, and its planned renovation won't simply include tech offices. Socketsite says there could be a restaurant and a 2,500-foot assembly space. Hmmm.

Fisherman's Grotto Being Sold, But It'll Keep Its Name and Sign
Hoodline discovered that the 81-year-old Fisherman's Grotto (2847 Taylor) is midway through a sale to Chris Henry of Tommy's Joynt, and while the liquor license transfer used the nom de booze “Herringbone Cafe,” it was but a flag of convenience. The name (and the iconic sign) will remain.

La Mar Celebrates Peruvian Holidays With Month-Long Menu

Two of Peru's big national holidays (Independence Day and National Armed Forces and National Police Day) fall a day apart, July 28 and 29. To celebrate, Chef Gastón Acuario's network of restaurants — including La Mar (Pier 1.5, The Embarcadero) — will celebrate with a special menu available for all of July. La Mar's Chef Victoriano Lopez serve perbil crocante, tiradito bicolor, and a specialty cocktail, a Cholito made with Pisco, creme de cassis, ginger beer, ginger syrup, lime juice, and jalapeño.

What's With Wheat?
Streaming Free Through June 30
Whether you can eat bagels for breakfast, ramen for lunch, and pizza for dinner every day without worrying about it, or whether ingesting a single spaghetto sends you into anaphylactic shock, it's pretty weird how this mass wheat sensitivity has swept the globe in the last six years or so. A new documentary, What's With Wheat?, looks to answer that question — and you can stream it free through the end of the month.

China to Halve Meat Consumption
Admittedly, this is last week's news, but word that the Chinese government wants to tackle environmental issues by sharply reducing the amount of meat China's 1.3 billion people consume is worth signal-boosting. It won't be easy, according to The Guardian: “Despite the Chinese government’s new commitment to reducing meat consumption, it may be difficult to convince the country’s rising middle classes to cut down. There are also strong cultural traditions attached to the eating of many animals, especially pigs. The Chinese character for 'home' depicts a pig underneath the roof of a house.”

Kelis to Open a Pop-Up Burger Restaurant in London

I mean, there have to be milkshakes, right? 

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