Friday Nine: S.F. Is a Skinny City, The NYT Loves Recology

Plus Emeryville's forthcoming Public Market sounds pretty cool, how McDonald's turned itself around, and what British Amazon reviewers thought of a new banana slicer.

[jump] San Francisco is the Sixth Thinnest City
And the Bay Area ranks as the metro area with the smallest percentage of obese people, according to WalletHub (the site that loves ranking cities on things, and which I cannot always resist linking to). Apart from Boston, the 10 least obese cities are all in the West, with Honolulu in the fittest shape.

The New York Times Goes Gaga for Recology's Pier 96 Facility
“San Francisco also has a world-class reputation for its composting processes, which turns food waste into fine, coffee-like grounds that is sent to farms as fertilizer,” coos the NYT, which calls S.F. the “Silicon Valley of Recycling.” Comparing it to Willy Wonka's factory, it a “former freelance reporter for The San Francisco Chronicle loves talking about recycling and composting so much that it is as enjoyable 'as a woman asking if she can give me a back rub.' he says.”

The Tenderloin Gets a Scullery

According to Hoodline, a Scottish-English couple with longstanding ties to the Tenderloin bar scene will open Scullery, a British tea and sandwich shop at 687 Geary by mid-May or so. The name reminds me of Mrs. Patmore yelling at Daisy.

Emeryville's Public Market Will Be Huge

7×7 says that once complete, the 20,000-square-foot Public Market in Emeryville will house 20 vendors once it opens later this spring, including KoJa Kitchen, We Sushi, Mayo and Mustard, plus a brewpub and some dessert places. 

Tacos Cala Will Have Saturday Brunch, Too
Cala in Hayes Valley debuted Tacos Cala six months ago, serving tacos from the back at lunchtime. Earlier this week, Tacos Cala announced it would open on weekend evenings. Now it's going for Saturday brunch, according to Hoodline. (Sunday brunch has been around awhile.) Look for huevos rancheros over sopes and two kinds of chilaquiles with a fried egg.

McDonald's Has Turned Itself Around
“The Simpler, the Better” is Mickey D's new tagline, and it comes from paring back the number of items the mega-chain offers. Quartz also notes that making Egg McMuffins available all day was a stroke of genius that basically saved the company.

And There Were Arrests in Connection With February's Homicide at McDonald's
So says the Examiner.

Science Friday Recreates Ancient Andean Beer
NPR looks at the Wari, the culture that preceded the Incas, to see how their massive brewery high in the Andes pumped out chicha de molle, or corn beer.

Brits Satirize Dumb Gadget As Only Brits Can
Admittedly, it can be hard to leave Bed, Bath & Beyond without impulse-buying one shiny, single-use gadget for your miscellaneous utensil drawer, but a banana slicer is pretty ridiculous. The Independent highlights some hilariously over-the-top Amazon raves for this labor-saving device.

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