Friday Seven: Elixir's Golden Hydrant Cocktail, Namu Stonepot Heads to Divis

Also, ATwater TAvern will open in the former Jelly's in Mission Bay, the Hive is getting a new tenant, and Seattle's gum wall is no more.


Elixir's Golden Hydrant
In honor of its 12th anniversary, and to help with recovery for the Valley Fire this summer, Elixir has created a cocktail called the Golden Hydrant that honors the heroic piece of infrastructure that saved the Mission from total destruction after the 1906 earthquake. It's made with Bulleit Bourbon, Top Hat Ginger Beer Syrup, and lemon and apple juice, since it's on tap, the tap itself is a golden hydrant. (Neat!) You can drink it at the party, where $1 from each drink will go to Lake County Rising and where 4505 Meat's Chef Ryan Farr will be serving food.
Elixir's 12th Anniversary Party, Saturday, Nov. 21, 1-7 p.m., 3200 16th St., 415-552-1633.

Firebrand Enters the Hive
I love, love, love the Hive at 2143 Broadway in Uptown Oakland, home of Calavera, Drake's Dealership, and others. Now Firebrand Artisan Breads is the latest tenant, with a scheduled opening on Saturday, Nov. 21.

Namu Stonepot Coming to Divis
Divisadero almost got a Chase Bank and a Blockbuster [shudder] but it's getting a Namu Gaji-related project called Namu Stonepot. Hoodline's Allie Pape reported that the Jay's Cheesesteak at 553 Divis is making the transition. If you've ever had the okonomiyaki pancake at Dennis Lee's original 18th-and-Dolores location, you know this is happy news.

Jelly's Will Now Be ATwater TAvern
According to Inside Scoop, the space that's been dormant for the last five years will soon be home to a multi-floor restaurant serving cioppino and meat cooked on a wood-fired grill. It's a project from the people who run the Hi Dive on the Embarcadero. ATwater TAvern's peculiar orthography owes itself to vintage telephone numbers such as KLondike-5 or PEnnsylvania 6-5000.

Buh-Bye, Gum Wall
Seattle's gum wall is coming down, according to the NYT. “Crews on Tuesday morning started to remove the gum with garden rakes and superheated water, 260 degrees Fahrenheit, in a three-day display of industrial-strength dental hygiene.”

The Lady Who Think Monster Energy Drink is Satan's Energy Drink Is Crazy Again

Not content use the Hebrew alphabet to connect the M in “Monster” to the number 666 by way of MILFs, she's now going after Katy Perry's dad. Not especially food-related, I know, but I love this precise type of crazy person. 

You Can Overdose on Caffeine, Says the Mayo Clinic
And speaking of energy drinks, it turns out that they can hurt you. The Mayo Clinic said that 400 mg of caffeine a day is the max, which is equivalent to “4-5 cups of coffee, 10 cans of soda or two 'energy shot' drinks.” I'm pretty sure the sugar in 10 cans of soda isn't all that good for you, either. Additionally, caffeine shows up in foods and OTC medications more often and in higher quantities than you think it does.

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