Friday Seven: Mr. Bing’s Lives!

Savor Filipino hits Oakland, vegan mayo shenanigans run deep, and a fancy Indian restaurant is coming to Van Ness.

You Can’t Kill Mr. Bing’s

Huzzah! We noticed a few weeks ago that Mr. Bing’s (201 Columbus) was still open, months after its supposed termination date. Now Hoodline reports that while it’s scheduled to get renovations next month, they won’t change the feel of the place, and the name isn’t going anywhere.

Savor Filipino Comes to Oakland Oct. 15

There are a couple of food festivals happening in Oakland this weekend, namely Eat Real and the Town Eats Festival. After that, you get two weeks off and then it’s time for Savor Filipino, a one-day (Saturday, Oct. 15) festival at The Overlook Lounge (344 20th St., Oakland). So far, 10 chefs have signed on, and admission gets you unlimited tastings plus five drink tickets. The party starts at noon, culminating in a Buksan dinner downstairs at 7 p.m. Tickets are $60-$85.

Indian Restaurant August 1 Five to Hit Civic Center This Fall

Named for the date of India’s independence from the U.K., former Googler Hetal Shah will open a modern Indian restaurant called August 1 Five at 524 Van Ness Ave. There will be no curry and no chicken tikka masala; rather, Chef Manish Tyagi’s kitchen will put out regional Northern Indian dishes less commonly available in the U.S. And there will be cocktails with Indian spices.

Betelnut Space to Become a “Traditional Mexican” Adriano Paganini Restaurant

Right next to Belga, also owned by Paganini’s company Back of the House, the former Betelnut (2030 Chestnut) will soon become a traditional Mexican restaurant. There’s no name yet, but it’s likely to be a little more upscale than Uno Dos Tacos, the other Back of the House Mexican project.

McDonald’s Tested Out a Caprese Pesto Sandwich in Southern California?

And it opened a McCafe in Paris that doesn’t sell burgers or fries, according to Business Insider. Sounds almost Dada, like negative space.

Moby Dick, Legacy Business, Hasn’t Gotten Any Help Yet

A year shy of its 40th birthday and a month after being named a legacy business, Castro gay bar Moby Dick (4049 18th St.) hasn’t seen much in the way of funds or implementation, and its owners have expressed their worries to Hoodline. Also: the bar had its own record label in the ’80s.

Vegan Mayo Buyback Scandal Deepens!

“I drove all over one night buying the entire shelf of every store I passed,” a former Hampton Creek employee tells the Business Times. “I felt ridiculous, but it was so culty I couldn’t push back.” Apparently, that $77,000 buyback has ballooned to $1.4 million, hidden throughout a bunch of financial reports. Now, I am not going to pretend for a second that $1.4 million is not a lot of vegan mayonnaise, because it so is, but it’s rather piddling as far as corporate malfeasance goes. To put it in perspective, it’s also 0.12 percent of the $1.15 billion arms deal that the U.S. just signed with Saudi Arabia.

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