Friday Seven: Myriad's 12 Days of Christmas Menu, Cool Grandma Finishes Beer Run

Plus the New York Times does Oakland and Nick Offerman sits in front of the fire for 45 minutes, drinking Scotch.

[jump] Myriad Gastro Pub Celebrates 12 Days of Christmas
Apart from the eight maids-a-milking, et al., you really don't see much celebration of Christmas in its proper, 12-day form. Myriad Gastro Pub wants to change that, so it's upending things a bit. Instead of running Dec. 25 – Jan. 6, the traditional 12 days, Myriad will start on Dec. 13 and run up to Christmas Eve with a dish per night from a different country. Colombia (pernil-asado roasted pork shoulder with plantains) kicks off, with Germany (sauerbraten), Canada (Tourtiere Quebecoise meat pie), and the good old U.S. of A (roast turkey, natch) getting a spot. Appropriately, Christmas Eve is for Italy (whole roasted fish with fennel, tomato sauce, and roasted potatoes).
12 Days of Christmas, Dec. 13-24 at Myriad Gastro Pub, 2491 Mission, 415-525-4335 or

Blue Bottle-Bar Tartine Merger Ain't Happening
Looks like the proposed foodie conglomerate isn't to be, and Bar Tartine and Blue Bottle Coffee will just be friends instead. Inside Scoop reported that Bar Tartine's Chad Robertson said, “Coffee infrastructure doesn’t really support food and food infrastructure doesn’t really support coffee.”

The Fillmore Will Get an Upscale Korean Restaurant
Zoomaak, which closed shop recently at 1552 Fillmore, is set to become a fine-dining Korean restaurant sometime in January. Mosu will have only 18 seats, according to Hoodline.

The New York Times Does Oakland
Having written grimacingly inaccurate things about the Bay Area again and again, the NYT's “36 Hours” series does a refreshingly good take on how to make the most of an Oakland weekend, visiting Portal (for its craft beer), Camino (for a “splurge”), FuseBox, Miss Ollie's, and Cafe Van Cleef. And not a single comparison to Brooklyn to be found.

Nick Offerman's Yule Log

Are you enchanted by fire? Did the Yule Log ever brighten your house? Do you want to watch Nick Offerman sit in a chair and drink scotch by the fire, in complete silence, for 45 minutes? It's way more minimalist than A Very Murray Christmas.

Starbucks Not Retreating in the Face of Third-Wave Coffee
Rather, it's expanding, according to the New York Times. While Blue Bottle partisans and other snobs might eschew the mermaid, Starbucks is doing its best to mimic their emphasis on small-lot coffees. To the extent that Wall Street's opinion matters in the realm of taste, analysts have given Starbucks' strategy a nod, and the company is almost bigger than McDonald's now.

Coolest Grandma Ever Runs Beer Mile
An 81-year-old grandmother named Elvira Montes was the oldest person to run and finish the Beer Mile in Austin, according to Runner's World. It took her 20 minutes, but she kept all four beers down — and then took her daughters to Hooters for fried chicken and scotch. “I don’t have any secrets, I just wanted to prove to my daughter that I could run and drink beer,” she said. I'm totes jeals of this abuela.

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