Friday Six: the Orbit Room Returns From Outer Space, Delarosa Soft-Opens Downtown

The Exploratorium screens a 20-minute documentary on agribusiness, Nopalito goes the pop-up route, and St. Vincent (the musician, not the soon-to-revamp restaurant) tweets about burritos.

[jump] Orbit Room Redux
After falling out of orbit and disintegrating in the upper atmosphere, Inside Scoop reports that the Orbit Room is set to relaunch in the weeks to come. When longtime owner Jay Johnson died last spring, the fabulous Deco venue at Laguna, Market, and Hermann streets quickly closed its doors, and the space has been gathering dust ever since. If you thought it took an unconscionably long time to get a drink there, know that the new ownership is aware of this and determined not to repeat it.
Orbit Room, 1900 Market.

Casual, all-day-every-day, Marina restaurant Delarosa has opened a second location downtown, on Yerba Buena Lane near Bluestem Brasserie, Press Club, and the Contemporary Jewish Museum. The Roman pizzeria with a solid craft beer lineup is now softly open for dinner, with lunch expected in the near future. It's big, too, with seating for 40 at the bar and communal table, space for another 80 in the dining room, and best of all, a soon-to-open outdoor patio that can accommodate 46. Make 45 friends and enjoy!
Delarosa, 37 Yerba Buena Lane, 415-872-7363.

Nopalito Pop-Up
The Inner Sunset Nopalito is starting up a new monthly pop-up (or rather, it did starting in September) called Through the Kitchen Window. October's version includes snacks like chicken gyoza and duck liver toast, with a sit-down menu of raw fish with yuzu, steamed fish with burnt vegetables and miso, a soft farm egg with soba in a brown butter broth, duck confit, and an almond cake with persimmon. That's a lot of seasonality for only $27-$54.
Through the Kitchen Window, Thursday, Oct. 29, 6:30-9:30 p.m., $27-$54, at Nopalito, 1224 Ninth Ave.,  415-233-9966.

Food Day Documentary Screening
Filmmaker and creative conservationist Susan Rockefeller's Food For Thought, Food for Life will screen at the Exploratorium on Food Day, next Saturday, Oct. 24 (the same day as its general release). The 20-minute documentary examines the connections between increasingly corporatized agribusiness, environmental degradation, and food that's been bled of both nutritional content and flavor. The screening is part of CUESA's Celluloid Appetizers film program. It's free to attend, and there will be tasty snacks.
Food for Thought, Food for Life, Saturday, Oct. 24, 11 a.m., at the Exploratorium, Pier 15, 415-528-4444.

Actually Creepy Halloween Recipes
If your childhood was like mine, you loved going to that party at the one neighborhood house that went bananas with the Halloween decorations, and parents who turned off the lights and passed around peeled grapes (eyeballs) and wet spaghetti (a dead witch's hair) while playing “The Monster Mash.” Food and Wine ups the game with some awesome-creepy and Amy-Sedaris-esque recipes for a foodie Halloween gathering, including scallop-and-olive eyeball canapes, bat wings, spicy cheddar witch fingers, and a phenomenal black widow goat cheese log. [Insert malevolent cackle].

Food Tweet of the Day

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