Gayle Pirie: Foreign Cinema a Birthday Tradition for Marion Cunningham

Foreign Cinema's Gayle Pirie gave us details about the restaurant's Feb. 11 tribute to Marion Cunningham on the occasion of the author's 88th birthday (the original press release erroneously called it the author's 87th). Cunningham is in frail health (it's been rumored she suffers from dementia) and will not be able to attend.

Turns out Cunningham (who lives in Walnut Creek) had a tradition of celebrating her birthdays at Foreign Cinema ― Pirie says she showed up for her 80th, 81st, and 82nd. “She was a regular, and would drive in with [Williams-Sonoma founder]Chuck Williams, pull up in her Jag.” Pirie wants the menu for next month's birthday dinner to be what she calls a living tribute to Cunningham's “great palate and sagacious personality.”

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