Get Your Ass to Oakland for Sacred Wheel's Grilled Cheese & PBR Tomato Soup

Is there any combo more perfect than a grilled cheese with tomato soup? If there is, we don't want to see a picture of Gael Garcia Bernal naked and making out with a sandwich. Wait, what? Anyway, Sacred Wheel Cheese Shop in Oakland's Temescal district is mainly a place to pick up specialty cheeses, but it also offers a small menu of artisan treats. The stand-out is a classic grilled cheese sandwich, made on lightly buttered Acme bread, and panini'ed to perfection. It's the kind of sandwich that causes immediate flashbacks to afterschool snack time in your mom's kitchen. Or, makes you wish you had afterschool snack time in your mom's kitchen, even if your childhood was more “mom forgetting you at the playground and then taking you to McDonald's drive-thru to apologize.”

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