Get Your Kink on at The Armory Club

San Francisco has always been a safe haven for enthusiasts of every variety, which is why it’s no surprise that the freaky-deaky chose our very own Armory to film some freaky-deaky porn. (No judgment here, shit is hot).

[jump] Digital adult entertainment makes for booming business in the Age of the Internet, which means that “Cybernet Entertainment,” the corporate entity behind Kink’s goodies, has a big staff (heh) to support. CEO Peter Acworth, an ex-Ph.D. candidate from Columbia University is clearly a smart man, and recognized his growing responsibility by creating The Armory Club, a swanky bar kitty-cornered to The Armory itself. The original intention was for Acworth and his staff (porn stars included) to have a place to gather and socialize after a hard (heh) day’s work.

Although The Armory is chock full of true-blue BDSM activities — as any good kink-based porn studio should be — The Armory Club is surprisingly subtle about such themes. The names of the cocktails only hint at dark sexual fantasies, The Gently Bound being my personal favorite, both in taste and adage. In a similar fashion, the atmosphere of the bar is chic and elegant, the portraits on the wall only somewhat suggestive of what goes on in the big brick building across the street. Catsuits and naked ladies in ball gags pale in comparison to what really goes down there.

Sorry to spoil the surprise for anyone who thinks porn is real, but if you take the tour at The Armory, you will notice a striking similarity between the wallpaper and other decorations in The Armory Club and The Armory's bar-themed set, which is used to film kinky sex scenes that the viewer is supposed to believe are happening at a real bar out in the wild. Clearly Acworth knows what he likes.

Despite the Armory Club essentially being a normal bar with top-notch drink selections at good prices (for San Francisco), and super-friendly bartenders, it does serve as a gathering place for the kinky youngsters (21+, of course) of San Francisco. With the next few days serving as the preamble for Sunday’s Folsom Street Fair, it’s a sure bet you’ll run into plenty of kinksters gathering at the Armory Club to make their arrangements for the weekend.

Whether you’re vanilla, kink-curious, or currently have your own (consenting) sex slave at home, The Armory Club is a fun place to socialize, gawk and sip on great drinks all at once.

The Armory Club
, 1799 Mission St, 415-431-5300

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