Giants Cocktails Are Popping Up All Over Town. Here Are Four We Like

A few local restaurants and bars are helping patrons get into the Giants vs. Phillies spirit this week. Among the many being shaken up all over town is Ame's optimistic Giants Sweet Finish blends white rum, orange juice, and lime juice with a float of black strap rum, while Alioto's is all about sticking it to the competition with a Phillies Screwdriver (vodka, gin, orange juice, and grenadine). Meanwhile, Mexican joint Maya, stumbling distance from AT&T Park, has a Go Giants margarita (Herradura Antiguo and pomegranate juice) and Bar 888 is sporting the Ultimate Pitch (Hangar One Mandarin, Andrew Quady sweet muscat, Cinzano Bianco, fresh squeezed orange and lime juices, and Angostura bitters). All seem suitable for toasting or drowning one's sorrows, depending on what happens this week.

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