H Mart Brings K-Town Food Hall to San Francisco

Come to the popular Korean supermarket for groceries, and stay for its yummy food court — or vice versa.

The irony of shopping for groceries is that after stocking your armfuls of reusable tote bags with the basic necessities, you’re almost always too tired and too hungry to cook dinner with the recently-bought greens that are weighing them down. 

It’s a good thing, then, that H Mart — a popular Korean grocery chain coming to San Francisco — has got you covered with their mega-food-court. 

Officially dubbed the “K-Town Food Hall,” the food court plans to have five different restaurants or bakeries serving up casual Korean eats, food fusion, and Chinese cuisine. Some names might sound familiar, like Daeho, a Korean restaurant in Japantown and Milpitas that will open its third storefront in the H Mart Ingleside Heights location. Daeho is known for its beef soup and kalbijjim — braised short ribs that you can top off with glass noodles, rice cakes, or melting lightly-charred cheese. Left Wing, a Korean fried chicken chain, will be bringing crispy, garlic-fried, and spicy wings to the K-Town Food Hall. Also joining the savory food roster are Da Pan and Da S.F.C., two restaurants that focus on stir-fried and casual foods. 

“We assure that H Mart San Francisco will be a destination where customers can truly enjoy ‘Good food for all,’” H Mart president Brian Kwon said in a press release, adding that the grocery chain was ready to go above and beyond to exceed expectations. H Mart already has over 90 locations across the country, including two in San Jose.

Later, H Mart plans to open a Paris Baguette, a Korean-French fusion bakery with several locations across the Bay Area already. Round off your post-grocery meal with dessert by picking up one of Paris Baguette’s cream-filled croissants or a slice of their perfectly-layered fluffy cakes. 

The grocery store will kick things off with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on April 21 at 9:50 a.m. Coincidentally, San Francisco will be getting its first H Mart one day after indie rock singer-songwriter Japanese Breakfast — or Michelle Zauner — releases her first memoir, Crying in H Mart, and two weeks before Zauner joins Saturday Night Live’s Bowen Yang for a conversation at our very own City Arts & Lectures. If you’re still curious about the hype around a grocery store’s opening, you need to look no further than the first page of Zauner’s new memoir:

“H Mart is where parachute kids flock to find the brand of instant noodles that reminds them of home. It’s where Korean families buy rice cakes to make tteokguk, the beef and rice cake soup that brings in the New Year. It’s the only place where you can find a giant vat of peeled garlic, because it’s the only place that truly understands how much garlic you’ll need for the kind of food your people eat. H Mart is freedom from the single-aisle ‘ethnic’ section in regular grocery stores. They don’t prop Goya beans next to bottles of sriracha here.”

H-Mart San Francisco
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony | April 21 | 9:50 a.m.
Open Daily from April 22 | 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
3995 Alemany Blvd.

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