Hangar 1 Releases Fog Point, a Vodka Made with Fog Water

Have you ever stuck your head outside on an especially foggy day and tried to suck the moisture from the air? No one else? Just me, then?

Well, even those not as intimately familiar with San Francisco’s characteristic fog (sometimes referred to as Karl) as I will be intrigued by the latest concoction of the Bay Area’s own Hangar 1 Vodka.

Today Hangar 1 revealed that after years of collaboration with Canada’s non-profit, FogQuest, they have made a fog-based vodka available on the market, called Fog Point.

[jump] All of us has been threatened by the scorching drought over the last few years, but Hangar 1 was the first to reject their dependency on the rapidly depleting reservoir water and instead use fog catchers to snatch one of their key ingredients from the sky. These fog catchers are remarkably simple contraptions, hardly more than mesh netting onto which water droplets attach and then condense via tube in a bucket below.

In any case, it was pretty impressive to learn that over the course of only a few months, during the dry season mind you, these catchers were able to collect enough water for Hangar 1 to create their new vodka, available as of today.

Though they are peppered throughout several high-altitude locations in the Bay Area, I had the opportunity to visit the fog catcher situated directly beneath the local’s landmark of Sutro Tower. I was also invited to take a shaky eight minute elevator ride up to the top of the tower, perhaps the best non-aerial view of the City in existence, however that adventure was meant for braver souls than mine.

What I was more inclined to do was drink the vodka. Back at the safe, ground level headquarters of Hangar 1, I got to try pure fog water (a little earthier than bottled water), and then compare Fog Point with their standard straight vodka. It was almost like gin, in that it was floral, had hints of citrus, and overall more flavor than a standard vodka. It went down smoothly, and was extremely pleasant, no mixer necessary.

What I enjoyed most about it was just how San Francisco it was. Eco-friendly af — check. Tastes like the Presidio got bottled up – check. Innovative technology applied for the first time anywhere in the US – double check. As a native San Franciscan, Fog Point really seems to get me.

My poor writer’s wallet disagrees, as this limited edition run costs $125 per bottle (note all profits getting returned to water conservation efforts). But for a high quality liquor that is meant to be savored, I get it.

That said … anyone want to buy me a drink?

More info on Fog Point can be found here.

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