Happy Meal Ban: Big Government vs. Individual Liberty? Really?

Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Tuesday's vote by the Board of Supervisors to kill the Happy Meal in San Francisco deader than the Yugo triggered a crush of reader comments on SFoodie's link post. News about the nanny state does tend to inspire strong responses, but reaction to the Happy Meal ban set a new record for strong. That the news came down on midterms election day had something to do with it: even comments on our food blog devolved into a red-state, blue-state version of a freestyle battle: big-gov socialists trampling on the liberty implicit in letting your 6-year-old yield to the seduction of multinational fast-food giants.

Honestly, I'm not sure where I come down on the ban. Is advertising to kids odious? Sure it is. Do we have a problem, as a nation, resisting the processed-food industry? Of course we do. Are we fat? We're huge, and getting bigger. But then, do parents have the responsibility to decide what their kids consume? They do, even if there's a risk of Chicken McNuggets seeming totally benign by association with a 3-inch Strawberry Shortcake plastic toy.

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