Hayes Valley Farm Beekeeper Mourns Slaughtered Colonies, Plots Next Steps

It's a macabre, senseless story: Hayes Valley Farm, the year-old urban garden on the site of the old I-80 off-ramp, reported on its blog yesterday that someone had broken into the gardens on Monday night or Tuesday morning and sprayed pesticide into the three hives kept on site. Two mature colonies were annihilated and a third, smaller colony lost half its population. Beekeeper Karen Peteros wrote:

The thousands of bees that died immediately or rushed to the entrance for fresh air fell onto the screened bottom board and clogged up the entrance to the hive, making escape impossible for any of the other bees and turning each hive into a gas chamber.

SFoodie spoke to Peteros this morning about the slaughter and the future of bees at Hayes Valley Farm:

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