Heart Announces Monthly Dinner Series Called Speakeasy

Mission wine bar Heart seems so charged with energy, it's an arcing power line of food and drink mojo. Yesterday, SFoodie's Tamara Palmer reported that Heart will host Outside-In 4, the April 25 installment of the popular mashup of food carts and DJ beats. Last night, Heart's Jeff Segal and Kitchenette's Douglas Monsalud (his food collaborator) announced the first of what they call a monthly private dinner series, called Speakeasy. Four courses organized around a monthly changing cuisine, “replete,” Heart's press release promises, “with four mind-bending wine pairings that will leave you begging for more.” Not because the pours will be skimpy, presumably, but because they'll be deliciously apt. For Speakeasy's April 27 kickoff: the food of Segovia. As for menu specifics, well ― you're just going to have to trust Monsalud. “We're not going to show our hand just yet,” the announcement reads, “but for those of you in the know, you know that means one thing ― roast sucking [sic] pig.” Seatings are limited to 60 diners, max, and they have to be okay about sharing tables. “If you're not down to dine with other cool, food-loving folks family-style,” the release explains, “please don't come.” You've been warned.

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