Heaven's Dog Bartenders Have Fun with Cocktails

For many years you went to a bar to get drunk with cocktails made with recipes designed to completely mask the taste of liquor. People didn't want to taste it; they just wanted to feel it. From there we transitioned to a revival of the craft that, at its peak, successfully celebrated the difference quality spirits and skill could have on a cocktail, but also succeeded in alienating the folks who just wanted a drink.

What makes the bar at Heaven's Dog distinctive isn't the care taken in making cocktails, the selection of spirits, or the repertoire of classics available — it's the ability of Chris Lane and Dion Jardine to satisfy both groups. They can make you a Charles Baker classic, but drinks like the Kamakazie, Slow Comfortable Screw (with homemade Southern Comfort-style liqueur), and Pink Daiquiri Jello Shots make also make guest appearances on the list. You can tell they're having a good time and they have the ability to broadcast that fun to their customers.

In our continuing series of bartenders to watch, we caught up with the duo for a little insight.

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