High Holidays: Six Marijuana-Infused Side Dishes

The holidays may be all about tradition, but when it comes to pot edibles, cookies and brownies are likely to extract a round of yawns, even before they're consumed. Enterprising chefs have long been finding ways to incorporate marijuana into dishes that don't double as an after-school snack. And now that some locales (like our fair city) have legalized medical marijuana, cannabis clubs are peddling inventive edibles for the discerning pot connoisseur.

Here are just a few options that would look at home amidst the usual fare on the holiday table.

Cannbis Stuffing

The author of a blog called The Cannabis Cookbook offers up recipes ranging from Middle Eastern food to ravioli. He recently posted a recipe for Stuffing Marijuana Seeds Style. The recipe calls for all the usual stuffing elements like onions, bread, and sausage ― with a handful of marijuana seeds for “crunch.”

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