Highly Anticipated Horsefeather to Open Next Week

is almost here. The restaurant and cocktail bar project from Justin Lew, Ian Scalzo, (both Future Bars Co. alums — think Local Edition, Bourbon & Branch) and Chef Ryan Chinchilla (who hails from Foreign Cinema and Blue Plate) is slated to open sometime next week.

The former Ziryab space, so far, seems to be nothing but a long series of teasers. First, Ziryab underwent a revamp in 2013, which included a relatively successful cocktail program from Zachary Taylor (Hog & Rocks). Then, it shuttered, thus paving the way for Lew and Scalzo who applied for a liquor license in the space and taunted us with a temporary pop-up bar in the name of TSK/TSK, with an offering of unique and playful cocktails.

[jump] However, that was just a placeholder for Horsefeather, their final project, which touts itself as a casual cocktail spot and restaurant that fully intends on blending in with the locals. They insist on keeping with the theme of the more neighborhood-y vibe that Divisadero is all about, offering a polished but accessible menu of cocktails and food. 

Its redesign is a collaborative effort involving James Lagoc of Local Produce Design (also responsible for Nopa, The Independent, and Bi-Rite), and claims to be loosely inspired by the American Arts and Crafts period. 

The cocktail selection will feature an eclectic offering featuring syrups made in-house, hand-cut ice. and quality seasonal ingredients. The drinks are categorized as either stirred (including the “Mad Dog,” which contains Bank Note blended scotch, port wine, hibiscus, orange oil, and Amaro Montenegro) or shaken (including the “California Cooler,” which is comprised of celery juice, lime, thyme, Sauvignon Blanc, horseradish, sparkling wine, and gin). Prices will vary from $10-$12.

Lastly, the food plans to showcase a New American menu of shareable plates that include clay-pot chicken wings, buttermilk-brined fried chicken, and housemade burrata. Prices will vary from $10-15. 

For the full drink and food selection, check out their menus below. 
[pdf-1] [pdf-2]

I can think of no neighborhood that stands as a stronger testament to San Francisco's ever-changing landscape. Less than 10 years ago, the area was a healthy smattering of corner stores. Now, Horsefeather will be joining its neighbors, cool kids Nopa and Bi-Rite . . . just on that block alone. (Thankfully that Popeye's across the street is still in high spirits, though, because two-piece Tuesdays are my jam.)

Still, though, $10-$15 for food and $10-$12 for a drink could almost — almost — be considered cheap by some San Francisco standards. That, and trying the cocktail menu alone makes this worth the wait.

Their planned hours of operation are on weekdays from 5 p.m. – 2 a.m. and weekends from 11 a.m. – 2 a.m. A late night brunch on the weekends is planned as well for later in April.

Horsefeather, 528 Divisadero, 415-522-0800.

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