Hillary Clinton Orders Burrito Bowl Without Being Recognized

What political candidates eat on the campaign trail is often fraught with peril. Remember when John Kerry got into trouble for asking a blue-collar cheesesteak place in Philly if they had Swiss cheese? Or when Sean Hannity was all over Barack Obama for his supposedly effete, disqualifying preference for Dijon mustard? Or, going way back, Phil Hartman’s impression of a then-youthful Bill Clinton scarfing down supporters’ Big Macs as he glad-handed his way through McDonald’s?

[jump] Well, Hillary Clinton, ever the cautious and battle-hardened campaigner, apparently likes burrito bowls, a factoid that could probably lock up California’s 55 electoral votes even if this weren’t already a solid blue state. Or, at least, that's the kind of facile, horse-race analysis that drives top-tier political reporters to make something like this into national news. (Get ready for 19 more months of it!)

And on top of that, Clinton was able to enter a Chipotle in suburban Toledo in the middle of the day without being recognized. The New York Times got hold of the upscale-casual restaurant’s surveillance tape, which shows the former senator, clad in dark sunglasses and a pink shirt, ordering and carrying her own tray. (The woman behind her is long-time aide Huma Abedin, who is also the wife of notorious sexter Anthony Weiner.)

Whether this is part of some calculated roll-out designed to make Clinton look like a regular American, or if she just had a serious craving for a chicken burrito bow with guacamole, but it’s not as if Clinton simply hopped in the car. She admitted last year she hasn’t driven since 1996.

And one wonders if she pronounces it “chi-POLE-tay.”

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