Hot To Tot: Jackrabbit’s Tater Tot Throwdown Takes Off This Friday

The Delessio team’s food truck hosts its inaugural “Tot Fest” at Barebottle Brewing Co.

It’s not clear whether tater tots are having a moment or if they ever left in the first place. Regardless, they seem to be increasingly ubiquitous in the fast-casual landscape around town. From the Queso Tots at Wes Burger or the Tachoes at Teeth SF, San Franciscans seem to love the quaint, distinctively American appetizer with reckless abandon.

Back in February, Delessio Bakery entered the food truck game with Jackrabbit, which focuses on locally sourced, seasonal goodies from Northern California. Their flagship offering is a build your own slider bar but, apparently, their cheddar-scallion tot has been a runaway hit — so much so that they decided to throw the lil’ buggers their own coming-out party this Friday, July 14, at Barebottle Brewing Company in Bernal Heights.

“The impetus for Tot Fest came simply enough,” reads a press release from last week. “Jackrabbit’s cheddar-scallion tot, served with Sriracha ketchup, is the truck’s bestselling menu item.”

In addition to their crispy, cheesy, green-oniony mainstay, Delessio Executive Chef Antonio May will roll out some new flavors, including a sweet-potato tot with ancho aioli, and a fresh-corn tot with a jalapeño vinaigrette.

The event kicks off at Barebottle at 4 p.m., and yes, there will be beer-and-tot pairings. Suggestions are as follows:

Cheddar scallion tots, served with Sriracha ketchup + the Scurvy Fighter American Pale Ale
Sweet potato tot, served with ancho aioli + Honey Boo Boo Sparkling Honey Ale
Summer corn tot with jalapeño vinaigrette + California Cologne Kolsch-Style Ale

We’ve had our food truck at Barebottle before, and love the space and the vibe and of course the beer, says Jackrabbit Owner/CEO James Faber. “Plus, with all the interest we’ve had for the event, we needed a space big enough to fit a crowd.” Currently, the event’s Facebook page claims that 724 people are “going” and a whopping 8.9 thousand people are interested.

And why tots? What’s so special about them in the first place?

“Well, a tot is not an ordinary culinary feat. … It’s more a souffle than French fry,” says Faber. “You have to make it crispy on the upside, and creamy on the inside. It’s a challenge, which makes it a fun structure to play with.”

Tot Fest will also feature a photo booth and provide tot tot-themed T-shirts, as well as other tot “paraphernalia” for the die-hard enthusiast.

Moving forward, Jackrabbit will be carrying their sweet potato tot alongside the cheddar scallion, and you can find the truck at Outside Lands, among other Bay Area events this summer.

One thing’s for certain: Jackrabbit is pretty serious about tots, and they’ve made some pretty lofty claims behind the tiny fried potatoes. “The community we’ve gathered through this event is impressive. Tots bring the world together!” Exclaims Faber.

World peace through tater tots? We’ll have to see about that. Either way, Tot Fest sounds like a pretty tasty event.

Tot Fest!, Friday, Jul. 14, 4-10 p.m., at Barebottle Brewing Co., 1525 Cortland Ave. Free;

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