I Would Dine For You: Prince Ate at Nopa This Weekend

Background sources confirmed with SF Weekly that Prince ate food from Nopa over the weekend.

The famously meat-eschewing Purple One did not technically eat at the anchor tenant of the Divisadero dining corridor, however, but rather took his food to go.

An individual from Nopa — who requested discretion in the hopes that Prince and his entourage would return the next time the 57-year-old rock star swung through in the Bay Area — said he was “very respectful and enjoyed it.”

[jump] “Diners didn't seem to have an awareness,” this individual said. “His presence was very momentary. It wasn't a big ordeal. Prince travels with a significant amount of security.” 

(Other V.I.P.'s have caused larger disruptions at Nopa in the past. One member of a foreign royal line “closed the entire block down” but ate “in the middle of the restaurant” owing to her general non-recognizability.)

When asked whether Nopa was involved in any additional meals Prince may have eaten this weekend, this individual demurred on specifics except to say that he “may have enjoyed [Nopa's] food on more than one occasion.” Nopa did not cater any after-parties, however.

Additionally, Prince uses an advance team of sorts, who sample food ahead of time to determine whether or not their demigod-like employer will like it. They “tasted through a number of things.”

As Prince is vegetarian, it's probable that he had at least one of the following: romaine lettuce with mandarin, creamy herb vinaigrette, breadcrumbs and Parmesan; wood-baked butter beans, feta, oregano paste, and breadcrumbs; or roasted carrots with herbed yogurt and spiced chickpeas.

SF Weekly also inquired about what Cynthia Rose had for breakfast, but this individual from Nopa was not at liberty to confirm a five-course chef's tasting menu of starfish and coffee, maple syrup and jam, butterscotch clouds, a tangerine, and a side order of ham.

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