Ick: A Fast Food Meal Turns Two Years Old

Happy Birthday, gross food! Yay, you're two years old! You don't look a day older than when you came off the conveyor belt. No, really. This food is part of an experiment by the LiveWell Wellness Centers where I guess they set out to see how fast food would age. So far, it kind of hasn't:

Our fast “food” display is now 2 years old. The word food is questionable, since the bread-like and meat-like substances have not molded or spoiled in any way. Bugs won't even bother with it. Please think twice about giving this to your kids. You have a choice, but they don't. We truly are what we eat.

What a fun experiment! Maybe they have stumbled upon the secret to immortality?! We should do another experiment where people put fast food preservatives all over their face and we see if they age. If someone says that's gross, we'll just be like, “you put this stuff in your mouth.”

But I think what we have really learned here is that you can totally eat those french fries off the floor of your car. More fun experiments!

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