Ike Speaks: Facing Aug. 26 Eviction, Ike's Place Owner Making Offers on New Spaces

Ike's Place owner Ike Shehadeh told SFoodie he's looked at between 40 and 50 potential new locations in San Francisco for his wildly popular sandwich spot. This morning, SFGate reported that Ike's received an eviction notice Wednesday, stipulating that Shehadeh must vacate his current Castro storefront by August 26.

The order came from S.F. Superior Court Judge Peter Busch; Ike's landlord began eviction proceedings in March. Residential tenants in the building have long complained about noise, crowds, and fumes, and last week, nearly three years after Ike's opened without the proper permits, the city's Planning Department began to fine Ike's Place $250 a day.

Shehadeh told us he learned of the eviction order late last night, after returning home from a trip to Washington state. He said his assistant regularly combs through Superior Court notices, and it was she who tipped Shehadeh to the eviction. He says he still hasn't been served with any formal order. As for the August 26 deadline, Shehadeh said he was going by press reports. “We haven't heard anything to say that that isn't true,” he said.

Meanwhile, Shehadeh said his search of up to 50 properties in San Francisco ― he called staying in the Castro his “number one choice” ― hadn't yielded any likely spots to relocate to.

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